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Where To Get Compensation For Your Child's Playground Injury

If your child suffered a serious injury on a playground, you can be compensated for your child's medical bills as well as pain and suffering. However, whom you can collect this compensation from depends upon the type of playground that your child was injured on.

#1 Neighbor's Playground

If your child was injured on a neighbor's or friend's playground that is located on their own private property, you are going to need to deal with their homeowner's insurance company.

If the injury and medical bills are small, you may be able to get the money refunded without even needing to prove that the neighbor or friend was responsible through their Medical Pay coverage. Your neighbor or friend may even offer to just pay the bills so their insurance doesn't increase.

However, if your child incurred large medical bills, you are most definitely going to want to deal with their homeowner's insurance and you are probably going to need to prove that the homeowners were liable for what happened to your child as you will be pursing the personal liability coverage portion of their insurance policy.

#2 Government Playground

If your child was injured at a park owned by a government entity, such as a local, state or federal government organization, you are going to have to go through a government court process. You will need to file a government injury claim, which usually needs to be filed promptly after the injury occurred. If your child was injured on a government owned playground you are going to want to get assistance from an attorney right away in order to ensure that you file the claim within the time limit provided.

#3 Company Playground

If the playground is owned by a company or business, such as a daycare or community organization, you are going to need to deal with the personal injury claim through their business liability insurance provider. You will most likely be contacted by an insurance adjuster, who will want to get your side of the story to determine what they will cover. Remember to stick to the facts when you give your statement, and record the conversation and have your attorney present if you so wish.

If their insurance provider will not work with you or does not provide you with an adequate estimate for a settlement, you can also pursue a personal injury claim on the basis of negligence via a slip and fall attorney.