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Protect Yourself While You're Walking: How To Avoid Car Versus Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a great way to get exercise. In fact, many doctors recommend daily walks as a way to stay fit. Unfortunately, walking isn't always as safe as it should be, especially when it comes to sharing the roads with motorists. As a pedestrian, the human body doesn't compare to the sheer size, weight, and speed of a car. To protect yourself, and prevent being struck by a vehicle during your walks, it's important that you follow safety procedures. Here are three simple steps you should take to avoid being struck by a car while you're walking:

Use the Designated Crosswalks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. When you're walking, you can reduce your chances of being struck by a car by crossing the street using designated crosswalks. You can reduce your chances even further by using the crosswalks correctly. That means, waiting on the curb until you get the green light to proceed. Once you have the right-of-way, look around to make sure no vehicles are sneaking through. While you're in the crosswalk, keep your eyes on the cars around you, including the ones that are waiting to turn. You need to know if one of those cars is going to turn while you're in the crosswalk. It's also important that you cross as quickly as you can, especially since most crosswalks are timed. Many drivers watch the timer and not the pedestrians. If they don't see you, drivers could bolt into the crosswalk as soon as the light changes, and strike you with their car.

Know Your Streets

When you live in a city long enough, you're able to identify the streets that have the heaviest traffic, and those don't have sidewalks. If you're going to be walking on a regular basis, choose streets that are more favorable to foot traffic. Choose streets that aren't congested with speeding cars, and those that have ample sidewalks. If you're going to be walking in the early morning, or late afternoon, choose streets that are well-lit so that motorists are able to see you.

Be Noticeable

It's not always easy for motorists to see pedestrians, especially if they're blending into the scenery. If you're going to be walking on city streets, make sure you're noticeable. Where clothing that's easy to see, preferably items that are brightly colored. If you're going to be walking in the early morning, or late afternoon, it's a good idea to place reflective tape on your shoes, and that you carry a flashlight. These items will make you more visible, which will reduce your chances of being struck by a passing motorist.

Don't take chances with your safety. If you like to walk, use the tips provided here to avoid being involved in a car versus pedestrian accident. If you do become the victim of an accident, be sure to speak to an accident attorney near you.

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