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How A TBI Can Mess Up These Four Aspects Of Your Life

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when an external force causes your brain to malfunction. There are various forms of TBIs, but they can all make your life difficult thereafter, especially when you haven't fully recovered from the condition. Here are some aspects of your life that a TBI can mess up:

Family Life

TBI can dampen the displays of love and interactions you used to enjoy with your family. For example, mood swings, depression, and anxiety are classic symptoms of TBI. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for your kids or even other family members to interact with you like they used to do if you are dealing with depression or mood swings. In fact, you might even find it difficult to attend and enjoy family gatherings.


A TBI may affect your work, something that will directly affect your earnings. Apart from the obvious effect of missing work while undergoing recovery, TBI may also affect your work via when it affects your coordination. Imagine how much a mechanic's work (or anybody who works with their hands) will be affected if their hand-eye coordination is impaired. Some TBI victims also experience convulsions and seizures, which means they can't work in dangerous areas where their seizures may result in accidents.


Driving is such an integral part of American life that anything that interferes with your driving ability can mess up your life big time. Unfortunately, TBI is one of these things that can mess up with your driving ability or safety on the road. For example, it isn't safe to drive if you are prone to seizures or convulsions or if your coordination is impaired. This means you may not be able to drive to work, drive your kids to school or even drive for pleasure.


If you are going to school or have such ambitions, then you should know that TBI can also affect this aspect of your life. For example, a classic symptom of TBI is headaches and dizziness. Anybody who has ever tried studying will tell you how difficult it is to learn with a headache or dizzying spells. Then add to the fact that TBI can also affect your memory concentration and you will understand why TBI is bad for learners.

An experienced auto accident attorney will help you evaluate the effect of TBI on your life so that it can better be quantified for the purposes of the claim. Try to think of and document every effect the TBI has had on your life to maximize your claim.