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Taking A Road Trip? How To Spot Accident Risks While Riding As A Passenger

If you're going to be taking a road trip with friends this summer, it's time to start thinking about your safety. This is true whether you're going to be the driver or a passenger on this trip. You might not realize this, but it's just as important that you plan for your safety when you're a passenger. There may be things that the driver will do that could put you and the other passengers at risk. While you're on the road this summer, be alert to the three safety risks described below.

Driving While Intoxicated

If you and your friends will be taking a road trip this summer, you've got to be alert to the dangers associated with intoxicated driving. You don't want to be involved in an alcohol/drug-related accident because your friend wasn't in any condition to drive. While you're on the road, it's important that you ensure that your friend won't be driving while they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If it appears that they're under the influence, take their keys away from them until they've recovered enough to drive safely. You can also volunteer to drive until they're able to take over again. If your friend refuses to give you the keys, or to allow you to drive, don't get in the car. Better to be left behind than to be involved in a car accident.

Driving While Sleepy

If you and your friends will be heading on a cross-country drive, be sure you all get plenty of sleep, especially the designated driver. Driving while sleep is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. If you and your friends are going to be sharing driving responsibilities, make sure that two people stay awake during the drive. That will ensure that there's someone awake to monitor the alertness of the driver. If there are only two of you in the car, be sure to park and get some sleep each night. Even with enough rest, sleep can come quickly when the driver is the only one who's awake during nighttime driving. If you're monitoring your friends driving, be sure to have them pull over to sleep as soon as they appear to be the least bit drowsy.

Driving While Distracted

If you and your friends will be enjoying a cross-country trek in the car this summer, and you'll be the passenger, be aware of distracted driving. Distracted driving involves more than simply talking or texting on the phone. Distracted driving also involves driving with the music on too loud in the car, eating food while driving through traffic, or even driving while front seat on-board DVD players are being utilized. While you're on the road, be sure to keep the music turned down, suggest that you stop to eat your meals, and make sure that only the backseat DVD players are being used.

There's still plenty of summer left for fun. If you and your friends are planning a road trip, use the tips provided here to avoid being the victim of a car accident. If you are injured in a car accident while riding in a friend's car this summer, be sure to hire a car accident attorney as soon as possible.