Getting Help With My Accident

3 Great Reasons To Hire A Maritime Attorney When Faced With An Offshore Injury

Working offshore can be extremely lucrative, but it does come with its fair share of risks. You may eventually get injured. If you are hurt, and your employer is being difficult about things like compensation, be sure to hire a maritime attorney. They'll help you in the following ways. 

Assess Case Strength 

If you're looking to pursue legal action against your employer because of an offshore accident, then it's paramount to first see how strong your case is. That's where a maritime attorney comes in handy. They can offer this case analysis before you get too far in this legal process.

They'll see what types of injuries you have and determine how they occurred. Then, based on their years of trying similar cases in the past and available evidence, they can determine how strong your case really is. If it is weak, they'll advise against pursuing legal action. This way, you don't waste a lot of time, energy, and money on court proceedings. 

Collect Evidence 

A huge aspect of winning this type of case is collecting evidence to show what happened and the severity of your injuries. Dealing with this aspect of your personal injury case won't be difficult when you seek representation from a maritime attorney. 

They've dealt with similar injuries so many times in the past, and as a result, know exactly what tangible evidence to collect. For example, they can re-visit the accident site and capture pictures and video footage. They can also gather witnesses who may have seen the entire offshore accident unfold. 

Provide Contingency Payment Structure 

You may be a little nervous seeking legal representation when dealing with an offshore accident, as there really is no guarantee that you'll win. Then if you lose, you would be out a lot of money in terms of legal fees.

Well, you can set aside this apprehension for the most part because a lot of maritime lawyers today offer payment contingency plans. What this means is if you don't win the case against the employer you feel is responsible for the offshore injury, the attorney won't charge you a thing. You thus have a financial security blanket to rely on if things don't work in your favor.

Offshore injuries are pretty common today, and they can be pretty severe. If you're ever involved in one, be sure to hire a maritime law attorney such as Strauss and King. They can help you address this injury appropriately, taking the necessary legal actions to receive compensation and ensure justice is served.