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4 Types Of Evidence You Might Need For Your Auto Accident Case

If you are injured in a car accident and are sure you were not responsible for it, you can sue the other road user or their insurance for settlement. However, the court usually uses different criteria to determine the party at fault. Generally, you need to gather all necessary evidence to prove your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. If you wonder what kind of evidence you and your car accident lawyer need to present in court, keep reading to find out more.

1. Testimonies From Witnesses

Things can get heated up in a car accident case, and before you know it, everyone is pointing fingers, and no one accepts the blame. That is why you might need testimonies from those who witnessed the accident to help determine who caused the accident. You will also need to take their names, addresses, and mobile numbers because they might have to take a stand later. Along with the accident witnesses, you need expert witnesses, such as your doctor, to support your claim.

2. Evidence From the Accident Scene

There are numerous causes of car accidents. Examples include vehicle malfunction, road defects, driver intoxication, or bad weather conditions. Therefore, your accident lawyer should take pictures of the scene to help determine which of these caused the accident. Ideally, the pictures should capture details such as skid marks or broken glass. Therefore, call a lawyer as soon as you can to collect evidence from the scene as early as possible.

3. Police Report

The police play a significant role in determining your innocence after a car accident. Whatever they write in their report is, in most cases, what the jury trusts. Usually, the police will write everything they see to determine what happened before, during, and after the accident. This will all be based on what they see and have collected through talks with you and the witnesses. Therefore, even as you wait for your auto accident lawyer to get to the scene, the police should already be there doing their work.

4. Additional Proof

Apart from the evidence mentioned here, you might need additional evidence, including responses to a series of questions to the other driver. These questions should be mandatory and must be answered within the stipulated timeline. They can help unveil vital information such as the other driver's condition before the accident and other crucial details.

Before your auto accident case begins, you should be armed with all the above evidence. However, you cannot gather the evidence while nursing injuries. So, consider working with an accident lawyer to do everything for you and pursue compensation.

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