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Does Having Legal Representation Make Any Difference In Drunk Driving Cases? Find Out

Many states use very strict DUI laws. Therefore, if facing an arrest for this wrongdoing, there is a possibility that you might face jail time or pay large fines after a guilty verdict. More importantly, note that this is a common outcome if you decide to represent yourself in court. Also, you may not know how to deal with issues arising from this case if you don't get legal help. As a result, you might make mistakes that can make you face serious consequences. However, a drunk driving lawyer can get you a more favorable outcome, including the results discussed below.

Lower Fines

DUI offenses attract huge fines, especially for people who register high alcohol content in their blood during the arrest. This is also the case for drivers who cause significant damage when they hit other motorists. However, even in these instances, you can avoid paying substantial fines by hiring a lawyer to defend you. If you do this, your attorney will thoroughly look into your case to determine the arguments they can use to fight your charges. They will then raise them in court to get you a lower fine. 

Reduce Time Behind Bars

Some judges sentence drunk driving suspects to mandatory jail time even if they have never faced these charges. In addition, sentences are usually longer for habitual offenders and those with aggravating factors in their cases. For example, causing life-threatening injuries after hitting someone or driving while impaired with a child in their vehicle can attract a lengthy jail time which can greatly impact your life. With this in mind, hiring a lawyer to defend you is best as they will use different defenses to fight your charges and reduce your time behind bars.

License Retention

Note that a conviction for driving under the influence can also make you lose your driving rights, which can make you lose your job if you work as a driver. It can also make it challenging to carry on with usual tasks like driving to work and bringing your kids to school. However, your lawyer can help you avoid these consequences by raising arguments to challenge the suspension of your driving license when you appear in court.

If facing charges for impaired driving, you now have three reasons to leave the defense in the hands of a drunk driving attorney. First, they will help you through every step after the police arrest you for impaired driving. Then they will then use effective strategies to counter your charges and ensure a positive outcome.

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